My sister’s wedding cake

I started baking when I was a little girl. I used to go out with my Nan on a Saturday and buy all the ingredients, then we would spend the afternoon baking everything for Sunday afternoon tea. I still use her vanilla sponge cake and butter icing recipe now.


I got into cake decorating when I decided to make my own wedding cake. I didn’t have a clue where to start so took a course at my local food college. In the end the wedding cake I made was quite simple and didn’t really need the course to make it. However, by then I had the bug and so I enrolled on a second, more advanced course.


After my wedding one of my friends asked me to make a decorated chocolate birthday cake. It wasn’t perfect and I’ve used every cake since as a learning experience. I started getting asked to make wedding cakes for other people but I didn’t feel confident enough to make cakes for such special occasions. When my sister announced her engagement and asked me to make her wedding cake, I felt it was about time to bite the bullet and give it a go. It turned out really well and my sister was really pleased – although I did have to take a week off work to make it! I’ve done a couple more wedding cakes since then and I feel much more confident making them.



From left:- My wedding cupcakes – My first tea set – Decorating my sister’s wedding cake

I mainly makes cakes on a bespoke basis for friends and family – usually birthday cakes or christening cakes. Of course a girl (and her appreciative husband) cannot live on cake alone so I also make a lot of breads, puddings, pastries and biscuits for eating at home or for when friends come around – which they seem to be doing more and more.


I’m looking forward to expanding my repertoire over the coming months, although hopefully not my waistline!


Rachel  x