Chocolate and sugar overload!

So, what do you get a 21 year old for their birthday? What about something that will remain with them for the rest of their life in the form of type 2 diabetes? I had seen a version of this cake on another website and really wanted to give it a go. I thought this would be a perfect celebration cake for her (and more than enough for the office to share).


So the cake is a recipe from James Martin and it’s his chocolate cola cake. The icing is a chocolate ganache of equal chocolate to cream with a blob of butter and a shake of icing sugar.


To make the packets look like they are pouring the contents, I wired the packets inside with cake decorating wire. I then attached the wire to some cake pop sticks and pushed them into the cake. The Maltesers and Skittles were then stuck around the sticks using melted chocolate as a glue. Easy!



Lovely chocolate ganache icing



Filling the cake with icing



Covered with half Maltesers and half Skittles (and chocolate fingers)



Stacking up the Skittles



The finished cake



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