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It has been a bit of a random baking day today. I’m in the middle of a Mr. Tumble cake which is a last minute order for a first birthday, but I couldn’t stand being in the kitchen while the rugby was on so I brought my model making to the living room.



Don’t let your kids see Mr. Tumble pre-assembly – could scare them for life!



Model making and egg chasing


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I logged onto Facebook this morning to a nice surprise. My lovely neighbour Sue has been reading my blog and has made her own anti gravity chocolate cake. It looks brilliant!



My neighbour’s fab Anti Gravity Chocolate Cake


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Last night some friends and I went to Digbeth Dining Club – “Birmingham’s Original Street Food Event” – and I seriously broke my diet with a three course meal.


First up, three of us shared some Arancini balls from Delizie Italiane. For my main I had a Flying Cows “Cow on Goat” burger (a tasty beef patty with goats cheese – not beef and goat meat as I first thought). Then, as if that wasn’t enough I indulged in a delicious Nutella pancake from Platinum Pancakes (well it is almost pancake day).


The guys running the pancake stall were really friendly and when they overheard us discussing their allergen information they gave me some really helpful tips on how and what I need to do to display mine (it’s coming soon).


Thanks guys!


(Sorry about the lack of photos of the street food but I was far too hungry to stand around taking pictures!)


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Finally, we don’t really do Valentine’s Day in our house but my husband / Website Administrator / Creative Director has been a bit neglected lately as I haven’t made any cake for him in a while, so I made him his favourite brownies with white chocolate chunks and I flavoured these with some cherry brandy too.


England won the rugby and he ate brownies so he’s happy for a while! Hopefully Wales will win tomorrow.



Love heart brownies



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